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Random musing of books and stuff I am reading.


Purity of the Turf.

Reading QT 3.3 book by Jasmin Blanchette and Mark Summerfield.
Managed to write two 2D board games using QCanvas.

The CD with the book has the free Borland 5.5
C++ compiler, very compact, fast and useful.
I didn't try the evaluation version of BCC 6.0.

The html documentation is excellent, plus the unique name qt
helped in searching relevant docs on Google. Only
QSound gets ranked 6th in the search. Most of my questions
were already asked and answered on their mailing lists.

Interestingly all google ads are about cookery when
searching for QPtrQueue, even when there are no
matches for the misspelled word QPtrQueu.

I am using tortoise CVS frontend,
highly recommended for windows users, even
if you are a season command line CVS users.
Makes it a breeze to put files under CVS control.

The other book I am reading is
"Design and Validation of Computer Protocols"
by Gerald Holzmann, a well written book
about networking and protocol verification.
The price is steep at $80. It could have been
course textbook for theory of networking.
Tanenbaum's networking classic
seems like a databook in comparison.
Of course this book too contains a large
appendix of C source printout, must be
the effect of the times (1992).

There is always the rerun of P.G.Wodehouse's
"Jeeves and Wooster" series with
Stephen Fry and Hugh Laurie. Just
finished "Purity of the Turf". The noted
newt fancier Gussie Finknottle, Spod,
Boko Fiddleworth and Barmy Fungy Fipps
are some of the characters you will meet.
Definitely worth the money.

The 1953 Julius Caesar in B&W
with Marlon Brando and John Gielgud
is also rerunning.


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