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Mulliner Nights

Recommended Video

P.G.Wodehouse's Mulliner series is hilarious.
Pauline Collins and John Alderton are just great actors.

Mulliner reminds me of David D'lima, former
Championite, Cathedralite and IITian.

Recommended books, see their reviews on Amazon.

The Algorithm Design Manual by Steven Skiena is an excellent
book. It complements Cormen/CLR book nicely.

Origin of Species by Charles Darwin,
Abridged and Introduced by Richard E. Leakey, 1979.

The Same and not the same
, by Roald Hoffmann.

Molecules, by Atkins (no, this Author is not the diet nutcase).

The Stuff of Life, Eric P. Widmaier.

Connections by Burke.

Geometry, Geometry Revisted and Essays by Coxeter.

Recommended new software:

Kdiff3 and the new windmerge are nice diff and merge programs.
Of course, I have stuck to Gnu Emacs' Ediff/Emerge/gnu diff, because they
has been there forever.

If you need to run xfig on ms windows, just install cygwin right
off the internet. Cygwin's comes with an X server,
bash, gcc, grep, perl and everything else for windows.

With Cygwin, you can say goodbye to the buggy, out of sync ports
of perl, grep, and all other unix tools on windows.


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