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Shakespeare on Screen

Just finished reading "Richard II" in Folger paperback.
Nice piece of lyrical work.
This is the story of the downfall of a foolish English King,
he is confused by his belief that God has made him the King
and he can do no wrong.

It whetted my appetite for more, so I am starting on
King Henry V, Oxford large print, edited by Roma Gill.
Earlier I tried watching Kenneth Branagh as Henry V on DVD,
it was a colourful melodrama with incoherent dialogues.
Proving that media is not the message.
However Kenneth's other movie "Much Ado about Nothing" was
very well done and worth watching.

If you are a language fan (rather than a movie buff)
these are also worth watching:
Mel Gibson as Hamlet,
Brando in Julius Caesar,
Zeffirelli's Romeo and Juliet
Midsummer night's dream 1999,
As you like it
from 1937.
Taylor and Burton in Taming the Shrew, 1967.

I remember seeing Twelfth Night and Merchant of Venice,
and a few more, but recall nothing notable to recommend.


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