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Halftone Dithering for Printing

Instructions for printing B&W photo
on ordinary 8x11 paper on a low resolution
ink jet printer with minimum black ink usage.

The trick to get perfect b&w 8x11 inch prints
in less than 10-seconds is to resize, sharpen,
lighten and dither in the correct order.

Here are the steps:

1. Image -> mode -> grayscale.

2. Filter -> sharpen -> unsharp mask
Adjust for contrast here and clear edges.

3. Image -> adjust -> curves
Pull the graph downwards to make the picture
much lighter, as it comes out better on printer.

Experiment by printing a lighter picture
and you will see that the printed picture will
come better than it looks on screen.

4. Image -> Crop
Image size: 11x8 inches (max of height or width).

5. Image -> mode -> bitmap -> halftone screen 600dpi
halftone settings: Freq 60 dot/inch, 45 degrees, round.

6. Optionally save as image.psd (bitmap).
File -> print -> printer setup, Portrait or
Use landscape if width greater than width.


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