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Forgotten promise of the PC

Essential features missing on the PCs:

1. Switch to write-protect the hard disks.

2. Readonly system directory or system on CD.
Go Knoppix.

3. Not crashing or hanging windows on a bad/scratched CD.
No excuse for this one.

4. Trusted portable USB keyboards.
If you can't login securely, what can you do?

5. Switch to power cycle hung laptops.
My Toshiba laptop came with an XP, it used to hang
atleast once a day.

6. User control to underclock CPU, NIC, IDE
No reason for PC to be computing when I don't want it to.

7. Focus-lock for 400ms when fingers are near keyboard.
Don't you hate the pop-up "Press Cancel", suddenly appear
and vanish while you are typing something else in another window?

8. Light touch mouse-buttons and keyboard.
There is no reason the mouse button is so hard to press.
The mouse is really a bad idea, touch screen is the right solution.

9. Instant On/Off, RAM disk for windows.
Linux should fit into 16Mb CF BIOS (maybe also Win95).

10. Read-only and Write-Only switches on USB drives.
Write-only switch is needed when plugging the drive into public machines.

11. All power adaptors (5v..12V) clutter inside the PC.


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