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Suffix trees and Shattered Perls

I had to Postpone the reading of Richard II
due to the technical problems. Instead I took
libstree for BSD and compiled it on Windows.
Since I boot into BSD only occasionally.

Pulled in bsd net/queue.h into win32/sys/queue.h,
a few typedefs into dummy win32/unistd.h,
dropped the buffer overflow check from snprintf to sprintf,
and voila everything compiled without warnings.
VC did catch one sizeof(void*) problem.

Shattered Perls

Windows has a dozen ports of perl, and all of them are broken,
one of them died on this:
c:\libstree-0.4.0\src> perl -ne 'print if m/\r/' *.c
It seems this windows port of perl converts all backslashes
in the arguments to forward slashes "@ARGV =~ s,\\,/,g"
assuming all arguments are dos paths.


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