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Parsing in 21st century -- "possible unbalanced brace in comment" -- tcl error message.

A real life Tcl error message goes:
"Possible unbalanced brace in comment".
It got me wondering "is nothing sacred?"
Why cannot I comment out a piece of tcl code
without eliciting rude comments from my interpreter?

It reminded me of command dot com, where
the implementation is the spec and the spec is
a collection of examples on the web.

Don't you love software that is just a collection of
special cases, and as the product grows, you just have
to add more cases. Finally you get the big bank theory
of software management.

One exception in the family is the language "Expect" by Don Libes.
Expect is a beautiful extension based on tcl, but that is just
the genius of Libes. Libe's books "Exploring Expect" and "Obfuscated C
and other mysteries
" are exceptionally good.
See my review of the latter book on Amazon.
It is pity the book is out of print.


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